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Mitzvah Opportunities

1. C-ville Tulips
The Sound Justice Lab has been working with Afghan women and children through a program called C-ville Tulips. They are looking for a volunteer who would be willing to support one of their participants in her computer literacy class at PVCC. This could likely be accomplished with once a week in person tutoring session. If you are interested in helping, you may contact Sound Justice Lab Co-Director Bonnie Gordon.

2. Reproductive Freedom / Abortion Rights Resources
After the initial leaked draft decision a few weeks ago, the US Supreme Court has now overturned Roe v. Wade. The organizations listed below are engaged in the struggle for reproductive freedom and abortion access - please consider a donation:

3. Gun Violence Prevention Donation Resources
In light of another horrific shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, the Social Action Committee is sharing some donation options to consider:
Non-partisan Cville-area organizations working to prevent gun violence:
Non-partisan national organizations working to prevent gun violence:
Thu, February 2 2023 11 Sh'vat 5783