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Membership Application Form

To join, please complete and return the following forms - you must submit the membership application form and financial commitment form for us to process your application. You may learn more about dues and financials below. If you have any questions, please contact Executive Director, Anita Boles or Office Manager, Raya Rzeszut


Financial Commitments

The suggested levels of synagogue support should never be a barrier to joining Congregation Beth Israel.

Family: A couple (two adults), or one or more adults with one or more dependent children $2310
Single: An individual adult $2210
Senior Couple: Two adults, both aged 65 or older, with no dependent children $2210
Senior Single: An individual adult aged 65 or older $2060
Student: An individual adult of any age enrolled in a full-time study program $165
Out of Town: Anyone who would qualify for any of the previous categories but who resides in a location that makes regular use of CBI impractical or impossible $415


Security Contribution: $250

The purpose of the $250 annual contribution is to pay for increased security at CBI. CBI’s long-standing policy with respect to dues is that we ask each family to pay only the amount of dues that they determine they can afford to pay—no questions asked—the same applies to the security contribution.

Building Fund Pledge

According to CBI policy, each membership unit is expected to make a one-time contribution of $1800 to the Building Fund. Building Fund Pledge payment is an obligation of every member, regardless of the start date of their membership. This money is used to make payments against the existing mortgage, cover repairs and maintenance, and as a base for future property purchases. Members frequently pay $360 per year over five years. Note: Out of town and student members are exempted from paying the Building Fund Pledge. If you questions regarding financial commitments to CBI, please contact Executive Director Anita Boles (434-295-6382, ext 210).

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