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Photos of the Frydek-Mistek Scroll

Photo 1: December 2, 1997. CBI members Rose and Robert Capon arrive at Westminster Synagogue to select a torah from the collection of the Holocaust Memorials Scroll Trust, London England. Robert Capon (right) with son Howard.

Photo 2: By 1997, of the original collection of 1563 Torahs, approximately 120 scrolls remain. The remaining scrolls are generally in very poor condition.

Photo 5: The Capon family chooses three scrolls for consideration of the Congregation Beth Israel Board of Directors, with a recommendation to choose Scroll No. 12.

Photo 6: Scroll No. 12, From Frydek-Mistek, Czechoslovakia.

Photo 8: Scroll No. 12 is among the Torahs that have become known as the "Tattooed Torahs," because it bears a numerical marking written on the handle by the Nazis. It's number is "37031."

Photo 9: January 16, 1998. Scroll No. 12 arrives at Dulles Airport in Washington, D.C. The Capon family drives up to Dulles to accept the shipment. The shipping crate is opened by Robert Capon and his children.

Photo 10: January 16, 1998. The Capons organize an impromptu Shabbat celebration to welcome the new arrival to Charlottesville.

Photo 11: CBI Member Yacov Haimes leads the group in the first reading of the Torah since World War II.

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